Ansaldo STS uses Hirschmann™ for full-IP railway networks



Ansaldo STS, a Finmeccanica company is the Italian leader in design and construction of signalling and automation systems for conventional and high speed railway lines and mass transits. Ansaldo STS was appointed from Società dei Trasporti Alto Adige (STA) for the revamp of Merano-Malles line, including rail signaling system, maintenance, security, audio diffusion, electric system control, phone over IP, network diagnostic and video surveillance.

In order to implement a high-availability solution, Ansaldo STS choose Hirschmann™ MACH3001 providing full fault tolerant communications. All train stations are also equipped with video encoders for visualization of train stops and waiting rooms.



The backbone network is used as shared channel for all non-vital automation systems, generically defined as service systems. Among the service provided, some refer to applications requiring a high level of reliability and safe communications and the most challenging considering the technology status at the specific period was the video-surveillance system over IP. For long term investigations of movements on train stops, a digital storage concept based on Hirschmann™ VIMAS-NVR servers has been set up.

For this implementation, a circular buffer storage of maximum five days is provided for each video stream; five NVR video servers were set-up for storing 41 MPEG-4 video streams in total. Two Operator PCs are equipped with Hirschmann™ VIMAS software; a specific interface called WISIOM was also provided by InterSat.

Using a signal provided by the railway signaling system, five trains are followed along the railway and displayed on five of the eight monitors in Control Room. The two other monitors cyclically display the tunnels and the waiting rooms.

Project parameters

  • 20 railway stations nodes hosting passenger info displays, audio announcement, power management, technical systems supervision, anti-fire, asset access control, IP video surveillance, phone-over-IP
  • IP video surveillance for 16 crossing points
  • Control room with 8 wall-displays, 2 operator stations, 5 NVR servers


  • Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure
  • Full fault tolerant redundant network
  • Digital encoding of video streams and video-camera management
  • NVR and operator interfaces


Network topology

The network is a single mode fiber optic Gigabit-ring based on MACH3001 backbone switches. The video streams are encoded with R-VIP-T video servers. Two MACH3001 are used as front-end between the control room and the ring, providing full-redundant connectivity to NVR servers and operator stations and single connectivity to displays.

Quantity structure

  • 36x MACH3001 with SM and TP boards
  • 41x R-VIP-T
  • 1x license VIMAS
  • 1x license VIMAS-NVR

Scope of services

  • Technical support for project team
  • On-site services, including support for installation, configuration and fine-tuning
  • Support for maintenance and periodic network assessment

Why Hirschmann™?

  • Proven HIPER-Ring technology
  • Consulting and availability of qualified technical support for different project phases
  • High-performance industrial switches
  • Effective co-operation with local partners Intersat and Sanval Electronic