Industrial Ethernet for Ancona-Bari railway line



Italian public company RFI, part of the Ferrovie dello Stato group, is responsible for the efficient operation of railway lines. Part of this responsibility is to ensure that the railways are using the latest state-of-the-art technology. When it came time to revamp the Service System network between Ancona and Bari (part of the “Adriatica” line), RFI chose industrial Ethernet, as the highest performing and most future-proof communication technology for installation in critical environments. AlHof, Italian partner of Hirschmann™, supplied equipment and expert knowledge for the project, which included three tunnels (San Giovanni, Diavolo, and Vasto). The project was realized by the specialist system integrator Siscom.


The communication network realized by Siscom for the San Giovanni, Diavolo, and Vasto railway tunnels fully satisfies the fundamental criteria for transport systems: reliability, redundancy, and availability. By using Hirschmann™ switches, Siscom was also able to provide dependable cutting edge products, to the complete satisfaction of their customer.

Project parameters

  • Maximum tunnel length: 9 km
  • Minimum tunnel length: 6 km
  • Distance between niches in the tunnel: about 250 m
  • Cabling with MM fiber inside the tunnels
  • Cabling


  • Redundant ring network configuration
  • High reliability for reduced maintenance costs
  • No interruption of railway data in case of a single fault
  • Capability of full management and supervision via SCADA system
  • Fully integrated and redundant network with a large number of nodes


  • San Giovanni and Vasto tunnels: two inner rings based on HIPER-Ring technology are connected using ring coupling
  • Diavolo: one single ring with HIPER-Ring technology
  • Every tunnel network is redundantly connected to the front-end of the adjacent tunnel, or to the control rooms at Ancona and Bari stations
  • 172 niches in galleries connected with MM fiber
  • 10 front-end points
  • 172 x RS2-FX7FX Rail Switches
  • ACA-11, HiVision
  • Installation of networking systems
  • Emergency telephone and public address systems
  • Integration and testing
  • Project Management

Why Hirschmann™?

  • Rugged, heavy-duty devices suitable for the specific application
  • Multi-ring connection capabilities
  • Easy network management and supervision via a SCADA system
  • Availability of training and consulting services from the Hirschmann™ Competence Center