Industrial Ethernet for railway applications



A total of 45 Hirschmann™ RS2 Rail Switches and 16 MICE are already in operation within the scope of the AKN Eisenbahn AG project. These industrial Ethernet switches are highly secure against failure due to a special architecture that incorporates redundancy mechanisms. The network is designed to ensure that a backup circuit is established in just fractions of a second to compensate for errors such as broken links. This comprehensive redundancy concept offers maximum possible security.



When AKN Eisenbahn AG replaced its remote control and routing system in 1999, it was necessary to install a modern, upgradeable and redundant communication system. The system had to satisfy present-day and future requirements of efficiency and high availability.

Project parameters

  • Passenger and freight services since 1884
  • 65 stations
  • 256 km trackage
  • 117 km of the AKN’s own network
  • 38 twin railcars
  • 5 diesel locomotives
  • 21 service trains
  • 1 inductive signal measuring vehicle
  • 2 historic rail buses
  • 2 modern depots, underfloor lathe
  • 11.3 million passengers
  • 101 million man kilometers


  • Security
  • Redundancy
  • Resistance to vibrations and temperature fluctuations
  • Protection via an FM overvoltage protection system
  • Effortless management via monitoring software
  • Connection of long single lines
  • Control, monitoring and office solution via a single product family


  • Two HIPER-Ring Fast Ethernet networks for video and remote control systems
  • Two HIPER-Ring Fast Ethernet networks for signal box guidance systems
  • Industrial Ethernet switches with a loss budget of 16dB@1300nm
  • HiVision management software enables the distribution of network status information via e-mail or text message

Why Hirschmann™?

  • Extremely fast redundancy processes, switching time less than 0.5 seconds with up to 50 industrial Ethernet switches in the HIPER-Ring
  • No single point of failure
  • Comprehensive product family
  • Simple maintenance
  • High upgrade flexibility
  • Competent support