Smart Rail Europe 2017

April 05-06, 2017, Amsterdam Passenger Terminal, The Netherlands


2 days of best practice sharing and networking

Belden works closely with all the leading players in the transportation market: operators, manufacturers and system integrators. In a sector where security and availability are critical, we offer innovative products, ranging from industrial switches and active devices to cabling, connectivity and cable management products. This portfolio is combined with an unmatched range of services, from engineering to maintenance. Customers throughout the industry rely on Belden to provide a range of solutions that meet their most advanced requirements.

In order to realize improvements in performance, safety and value, all parts of the transportation industry are utilizing advances in technology. This includes a shift from legacy systems using stand-alone proprietary systems to a greater use of standardized technologies, protocols and operating systems. As these new technologies are adopted at an increasing rate, the risk to the operation of transportation systems from cyber-attacks also increases. In addition, interconnectivity between these systems greatly improves their value, but also increases their susceptibility to attack.

At the SmartRail Conference we will be exhibiting our comprehensive portfolio of transport certified products, with a focus on cyber security showing how we can help to mitigate the risks associated with increased use of IP based systems and a greater level of system interconnectivity. We will also be leading a roundtable on cyber security, discussing the implications of the technology trends within the transportation industry and how cyber security needs can be considered during network design and operation.

We look forward to meeting in Amsterdam.

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